Keizo Murakami

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ABCG2, also known as BCRP, is a high-capacity urate exporter, the dysfunction of which raises gout/hyperuricemia risk. Generally, hyperuricemia has been classified into urate 'overproduction type' and/or 'underexcretion type' based solely on renal urate excretion, without considering an extra-renal pathway. Here we show that decreased extra-renal urate(More)
This study is designed to establish a pulmonary tumour model to investigate the biology and therapy of lung cancer in mice. Current methods for forming a solitary intrapulmonary nodule and subsequent metastasis to mediastinal lymph nodes are not well defined. Lewis lung carcinoma (LLC) cell suspensions were orthotopically introduced into the lung parenchyma(More)
The presence of soluble laminin fragments in urine of healthy subjects, patients with diabetes, and patients with tumours was studied using sandwich immunoenzymometric assay technique. The form of urinary laminin (ULN) fragments was dramatically different from that of intact laminin, so ULN could be detected only by using monoclonal antibodies. Mean levels(More)
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