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This paper describes a metasurface designed utilizing either a Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) that has band-pass characteristics or one with band-rejection filtering characteristics in order to clarify the relationship between the filtering characteristics of the FSS and the Perfect Magnetic Conductor (PMC) characteristics of the metasurface. The effects(More)
  • Keizo Cho
  • 2010 IEEE International Conference on Wireless…
  • 2010
Recent progress in wireless communication technologies has achieved a state in which users can communicate with anybody, anywhere at anytime. The feature of recent mobile communications, especially in Japan, is that the main type of traffic is not phone calls but packet data. People obtain various types of information via wireless Internet. Wireless(More)
Space Division Multiple Access (SDMA) is an attractive candidate for increasing the channel capacity. In an SDMA system, signals from multiple terminals are spatially separated and this feature enables terminals to use the same frequency and the same timing. However, even slight channel estimation error significantly affects the transmission quality in the(More)
Manuscript received December 10, 1999. Manuscript revised March 18, 2000. † The authors are with NTT Network Innovation Laboratories, Yokosuka-shi, 239-0847 Japan. SUMMARY This paper proposes a new digital beamforming adaptive array antenna (DBFAAA) that is effective in severe multipath environments in which timing and carrier synchronization circuits(More)