Keivan Mojtahedi

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Activity-guided fractionation of methanol-chloroform (1:1) extract of Ferula gummosa was carried out to investigate the isolation of the active component(s) responsible for the alleviation of morphine withdrawal syndrome induced by naloxone. Dependence was induced using subcutaneous (s.c.) injections of morphine daily for three days. On day 4, morphine was(More)
The time course of grip force from object contact to onset of manipulation has been extensively studied to gain insight into the underlying control mechanisms. Of particular interest to the motor neuroscience and clinical communities is the phenomenon of bell-shaped grip force rate (GFR) that has been interpreted as indicative of feedforward force control.(More)
Of particular interest to the neuroscience and robotics communities is the understanding of how two humans could physically collaborate to perform motor tasks such as holding a tool or moving it across locations. When two humans physically interact with each other, sensory consequences and motor outcomes are not entirely predictable as they also depend on(More)
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