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The use of plants for medicinal purposes dates back thousands of years but genetic engineering of plants to produce desired biopharmaceuticals is much more recent. As the demand for biopharmaceuticals is expected to increase, it would be wise to ensure that they will be available in significantly larger amounts, on a cost-effective basis. Currently, the(More)
Decay accelerating factor (DAF/CD55) is targeted by many pathogens for cell entry. It has been implicated as a co-receptor for hantaviruses. To examine the binding of hantaviruses to DAF, we describe the use of Protein G beads for binding human IgG Fc domain-functionalized DAF ((DAF)₂-Fc). When mixed with Protein G beads the resulting DAF beads can be used(More)
The procedure for blocking infection with H319 antibodies in polarized Vero E6 cells, grown in transwell inserts, was erroneously omitted on page 1104, Section 3.13. (entitled 'Infectivity Assays') of [1]. It is important to note that robust blocking with H319 anti-DAF anti-bodies, as shown in Figure 5B, was measured in polarized cells, seeded on filter(More)
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