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General-purpose operating systems provide a rich computing environment both to the user and the attacker. The declining cost of hardware and the growing security concerns of software necessitate a revalidation of the many assumptions made in network service architectures. Enforcing sound design principles while retaining usability and flexibility is key to(More)
This paper examines skin tone detection algorithms used by first responder forensic tools such as File Hound. File Hound is a "field analysis" software application that is currently being used by over 100 law enforcement agencies, both internationally and domestically. It is mainly used in forensic investigations to search and identify pornographic images(More)
The views expressed in this document are solely those of the Council on Graduate Medical Education and do not necessarily represent the views of the U.S. Government. The Council on Graduate Medical Education (COGME) was authorized by Congress in 1986 to provide an ongoing assessment of physician workforce trends, training issues, and financing policies and(More)
Syllabus Despite forty years of economic growth and government efforts, poverty rates (especially for children and minorities) have stayed stubbornly high. According to the U. S. Census Bureau, in 2003, about 35.9 million Americans were poor, that is, they had incomes below the federally established poverty line, $14,680 for a family of three. This course(More)
  • Alex Noordergraaf, Keith Watson, Sun Microsystems, Sun Enterprise, Sun Ps
  • 1997
Sun Microsystems, Inc. has intellectual property rights relating to technology embodied in the product that is described in this document. In particular, and without limitation, these intellectual property rights may include one or more of the U.S. patents listed at http:// www.sun.com/patents and one or more additional patents or pending patent(More)
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