Keith W White

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BACKGROUND Once it is established that a jaundiced infant has an elevated direct bilirubin level, the principal diagnostic concern is the differentiation of hepatocellular from obstructive cholestasis, of disorders of physiology from disorders of anatomy, and of disease that is managed medically from disease that is managed surgically. Traditional tests(More)
Larvae of Chironomus riparius Mg. (Chironomidae, Diptera) collected from two polluted water basins in Bulgaria, the Maritsa and Chaya Rivers (adjacent to Plovdiv and Asenovgrad respectively), a small pool (near Plovdiv) plus controls reared in the laboratory were studied. High concentrations of the heavy metals Pb, Cu and Cd were recorded in the sediments(More)
CONTEXT : As much as 50% of teaching is conducted by residents with limited clinical experience, pedagogical acumen or knowledge of the subject they teach. OBJECTIVE : The purpose was to develop a residents-as-teachers program that integrated a basic science curriculum of the pelvic floor and perineal anatomy with clinical correlations while instructing(More)
Changes in the salivary gland chromosomes are described in sibling species Prodiamesa olivacea Mg. and P. bureshi Michailova larvae collected from trace metal polluted and unpolluted areas in Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. Although both species from polluted and unpolluted areas show a high frequency of ectopic conjugations, those between arm B (telomere)(More)
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