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We analyze the hedging decisions of firms, within an equilibrium setting that allows us to examine how a firm's hedging choice depends on the hedging choices of its competitors. Within this equilibrium some firms hedge while others do not, even though all firms are ex ante identical. The fraction of firms that hedge depends on industry characteristics, such(More)
In this paper, we study and implement a routability-driven floorplanner with congestion estimation and buffer block planning. We assume that buffers should be inserted at flexible intervals from each other for long enough wires. Under this buffer insertion constraint, our floorplanner will estimate congestion by computing the best possible buffer locations(More)
This paper develops a fairly general empirical procedure to trace out the extent of profit disguising and examine the motives behind it. Applying the methodology to the National Bureau of Statistics of China (NBS) database which covers more than 20,000 large-and medium-sized industrial firms in China for 1995-2002, we find (i) there is a profit-disguising(More)
Using their strengths and virtues enables individuals to build resilience and alleviate mental health issues. However, most existing instruments for measuring strengths are too lengthy to provide effective assessment for clinical screening. A brief instrument with good factorial and ecological validity is needed to measure strengths, especially among(More)
Chronotherapy involves altering the timing of medication administration in coordination with the body's circadian rhythms to improve the overall control of disease and to minimise treatment side effects. Training on chronotherapy requires students to map different topics learnt in earlier years of their professional degree and apply these concepts(More)
Chronotherapy involves the administration of medication in coordination with the body's circadian rhythms to maximise therapeutic effectiveness and minimise/avoid adverse effects. The aim of this study is to investigate the "time of administration" recommendations on chronotherapy for commonly-prescribed medicines in Australia. This study also aimed to(More)
A key distinction between some models of IPO pricing (e.g., auctions and bookbuilding) and others (e.g., fixed-priced models) is whether price discovery occurs in the primary market or the secondary market. We show that higher investment bank reputation is associated with 1) more active filing price revisions and 2) reduced secondary market return(More)
This study investigates whether exchange rate flexibility aids real exchange rate adjustment based on intra-period data on dual exchange rates from developing countries. Specifically, it analyzes whether the flexible parallel market rate produces faster or slower real exchange rate adjustment than the much less flexible official rate does. Half-life(More)
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