Keith Vanderveen

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We introduce a new paradigm for the retrieval and presentation of management data. XNAMI is a Javabased network and application management toolkit which uses XML and the Document Object Model to specify a Management Information Base (MIB) at runtime. This approach allows the MIB to be serialized and shipped over the network between managers and agents. It(More)
We propose a class of algorithms which gives bestefforts answers to problems in first-order logic given a bound on the resources available for reasoning. The algorithms in this class generate and attempt to solve S1 and S3 approximations to the input problem, then use the results to determine the most likely solution to the input problem. We show that an(More)
We present the forensic analysis repository for malware (FARM), a system for automating malware analysis. FARM leverages existing dynamic and static analysis tools and is designed in a modular fashion to provide future extensibility. We present our motivations for designing the system and give an overview of the system architecture. We also present several(More)
In this paper, we present a partial instantiation theorem prover (INSTANT) which handles sentences in first-order logic in clausal or non-clausal form. INSTANT uses a variant of the GSAT algorithm for determining the satisfiability of a propositional sentence to increase its speed. The algorithm used in INSTANT can be parallelized with good speedup to(More)
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