Keith Taft

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The problem of solving System of Linear Algebraic Equations (SLAE) by parallel Monte Carlo numerical methods is considered. Three Monte Carlo algorithms are presented. In case when copy of the matrix is sent to each processor the execution time for solving SLAE by Monte Carlo on p processors is bounded by O(nNT/p) (excluding the initial loading of the data)(More)
A novel polyiron oxo complex, [FeIII4FeII8(O)2(OCH3)18(O2CCH3)6(CH3OH) 4.67] (1), has been prepared from ferrous acetate and lithium methoxide in methanol by slow addition of dioxygen. The three-dimensional close-packed layered structure found in 1 closely mimics that proposed for the inorganic core in the iron storage protein ferritin. The Mössbauer(More)
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