Keith T. Wescourt

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One aspect of tutoring skill for technical subjects is individualized, adaptive sequencing of the problems given to students as learning exercises. A Curriculum Information Network (CIN) describes the relationships between the problems in a CAI curriculum and the concepts and skills that they are intended to teach. It is a basis for selecting problems for(More)
Twelve subjects from two job categories, sales engineers and programmer analysts, used an REL ENGLISH database to answer a set of questions. These questions were designed to require successively more complex interactions. The database contained Hewlett-Packard's Condensed Order Records, which were pertinent to the jobs of the sales engineers.All of the(More)
Perhaps the most ubiquitous contribution of information-processing theory to the psychology of remembering is the notion of memory retrieval. In its broadest sense, retrieval refers to the utilization of information previously stored in memory. distinction can be drawn between cases where the information required from memory for a particular application is(More)
The Ss memorized a long-term set (LT set) of 20 words before participating in a recognition memory test. On each trial Ss were given a new short-term set (ST set) of from one to four words or one to four digits. The Ss gave a positive response to a test item that was a member of either the ST or the LT set and gave a negative response to a test item not in(More)
Approved for public release; distribution unlimited. '0. ABSTRACT (Continue on rever8e IJlde If necealJary and Identify by block number> This report describes research on the CUrriculum Information Network (CIN) paradigm for computer-assisted instruction (CAr) in technical sUbjects. The CIN concept was first conceived and implemented in the BASIC(More)
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