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Infection with the intravascular parasite Dirofilaria immitis is an increasingly recognized problem in domestic dogs and cats. Heartworm infection is preventable; however, once an animal is infected, heartworm disease and potentially life-threatening complications can develop. An understanding of the heartworm life cycle and transmission season, the(More)
This paper introduces a novel use of timeline-based planning as the core element within a dynamic training environment designed for crisis managers. Training for crisis decision makers at the strategic level poses a number of challenges that range from the necessity to foster creative decision making to the need for the creation of engaging and realistic(More)
Several agents are available for the prevention of heartworm infection. Melarsomine is up to 96% efficacious (after two doses) as a heartworm adulticide in infected dogs. However, treatment of dogs infected with D. immitis can be expensive, and adulticide therapy in patients with moderate to severe heartworm disease can be associated with life-threatening(More)
This short paper introduces a novel use of timeline-based planning as the core element of a dynamic training environment for crisis managers called PANDORA. A trainer is provided with a combination of planning and execution functions that allow him/her to maintain and adapt a “lesson plan” as the basis for the interaction between the trainer and a class of(More)
The commercial adoption of GaN-on-Si light emitting diode (LED) chip technology is lagging behind incumbent sapphire substrates due to significantly longer growth time and poorer crystalline quality. To address these challenges, we report on the growth of high-quality crack-free InGaN/GaN LED structure on 150 mm Si (111) substrate using thin buffer layer(More)
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