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BACKGROUND Access to medical records on the Internet has been reported to be acceptable and popular with patients, although most published evaluations have been of primary care or office-based practice. We tested the feasibility and acceptability of making unscreened results and data from a complex chronic disease pathway (renal medicine) available to(More)
The European Renal Association-European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA) Registry has produced a new set of primary renal diagnosis (PRD) codes that are intended for use by affiliated registries. It is designed specifically for use in renal centres and registries but is aligned with international coding standards supported by the WHO(More)
OBJECTIVE To devise a method for assessing evoked muscle strength on nerve stimulation [mechanomyography (MMG)] in the anaesthetized minipig. STUDY DESIGN Prospective observational. ANIMALS Sixty male Göttingen minipigs weighing 10.5-26.0 kg. METHODS After cadaveric studies, a limb fixation device was constructed which allowed the twitch responses of(More)
BACKGROUND Online access to all or part of their health records is widely demanded by patients and, where provided in form of patient portals, has been substantially used by at least subgroups of patients, particularly those with chronic disease. However, little is reported regarding the longer-term patient use of patient-accessible electronic health record(More)
Testing printed circuit boards continues to be an issue, especially for evolving and emerging test technologies like boundary scan (IEEE 1149.1/JTAG). This paper discusses a method for validating the testability of a PCB with JTAG before the first PCB prototype is built. It describes a tool that helps to align the objectives of both design and test in a(More)
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