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BACKGROUND Access to medical records on the Internet has been reported to be acceptable and popular with patients, although most published evaluations have been of primary care or office-based practice. We tested the feasibility and acceptability of making unscreened results and data from a complex chronic disease pathway (renal medicine) available to(More)
BACKGROUND Accurate prediction of patient survival from the time of starting renal replacement therapy (RRT) is desirable, but previously published predictive models have low accuracy. We have attempted to overcome limitations of previous studies by conducting an ambidirectional inception cohort study in patients on RRT from centres throughout Europe. A(More)
The European Renal Association-European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA) Registry has produced a new set of primary renal diagnosis (PRD) codes that are intended for use by affiliated registries. It is designed specifically for use in renal centres and registries but is aligned with international coding standards supported by the WHO(More)
BACKGROUND UK native renal biopsy incidence is unknown. Biopsy registries in other countries indicate that the incidence of renal biopsy varies widely. Indications for renal biopsy are largely opinion based. METHODS The Scottish Renal Biopsy Registry aimed to analyse the incidence of native renal biopsy in Scotland and examine indications and diagnoses(More)
OBJECTIVE Mental health in populations may be deteriorating, or it may be improving, but there is little direct evidence to support either possibility. Our objective was to examine secular trends in mental health indicators from national data sources. METHODS We used data (1994-2008) from the National Population Health Survey and from a series of(More)
BACKGROUND Online access to all or part of their health records is widely demanded by patients and, where provided in form of patient portals, has been substantially used by at least subgroups of patients, particularly those with chronic disease. However, little is reported regarding the longer-term patient use of patient-accessible electronic health record(More)
OBJECTIVE To devise a method for assessing evoked muscle strength on nerve stimulation [mechanomyography (MMG)] in the anaesthetized minipig. STUDY DESIGN Prospective observational. ANIMALS Sixty male Göttingen minipigs weighing 10.5-26.0 kg. METHODS After cadaveric studies, a limb fixation device was constructed which allowed the twitch responses of(More)
Background. The object of the study was to develop an artificial neural network (ANN) to identify patients with IgA nephropathy (lgAN) with a poor prognosis and to compare the predictions of the ANN with the predictions of six experienced nephrologists. Methods. The following data from the time of renal biopsy were retrieved from the records of 54 patients(More)