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In this paper, it is proved that any algehraic-geometric code can be expressed as a cross section of an extended multidimensional cyclic code. Both algebraic-geometric codes and multidimensional cyclic codes are described by a unified theory of linear block codes defined over point sets: algebraic-geometric codes are defined over the points of an algebraic(More)
Any linear code with a nontrivial automorphism has the structure of a module over a polynomial ring. The theory of Griihner bases for modules gives a compact description and implementation of a systematic encoder. We present examples of algebraic-geometric Goppa codes that can be encoded by these methods, including the one-point Hermitian codes. L ET X be a(More)
The MSM5100 ASIC forms the heart of a high-featured cdma2000 3G handset that is gpsOne position location capable. The gpsOne technology meets the accuracy requirements set by the FCC for E911 Phase II. This ASIC performs baseband processing for the spectrum of air interfaces supported: IS-2000 Release 0, IS-95A/B, AMPS, GPS, and Bluetooth 1.1. The ASIC(More)
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