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The Toolbox approach to the automated design of microfluidic components is extended to include a genetic algorithm search of candidate designs. Performance metrics for characterizing surface delivery are described, and the software is applied to choose sequences of grooves to add to a rectangular microchannel in order to optimize surface delivery for(More)
As the ability to generate Dispersion Nomografs™ on the Dedicated High Performance Computing Project Investment (DHPI)-provided machine matures, the focus of this project has moved to the transition of CT-Analyst. CT-Analyst provides near-instantaneous urban plume prediction with unprecedented accuracy and ease. This paper will focus on the(More)
This paper describes the design, implementation, and use of integrated chemical plume-models in virtual training systems. The US Naval Research Laboratory has linked its CT-Analyst<sup>&#x00AE;</sup> software, a high-fidelity real-time plume modeling tool, with VBS2, a widely-used virtual gaming and training program, to produce new training capabilities(More)
First responders need a more or less instant estimate of danger zones resulting from accidental airborne releases of hazardous materials in order to take immediate action, to coordinate rescue teams and to protect the population and critical infrastructure. To fulfill the need for efficient access to reliable results in a first responders environment while(More)
An application programming interface (API) was developed to make CT-Analyst's high fidelity physics based plume predictions available to modeling and simulation (M&amp;S) tools. This plume API was used with the M&amp;S application one semi-automated forces (OneSAF). OneSAF is a next generation entity level simulation. For a 10 by 5 km region of Baghdad,(More)
The objective of this effort is to automate generation of high-resolution Dispersion NomografsTM for CTAnalyst and to add the capability of generating the Nomografs using only high-end commodity hardware. These Nomografs are based on multiple high-resolution urban aerodynamics simulations requiring high performance computing (HPC)-scale resources resolving(More)
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