Keith Ryan Morrison

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The importance of environmental gradients in the diversification of long-lived tree species is poorly understood. Two morphologically distinct varieties of the endemic Hawaiian tree, 'ōhi'a lehua (Metrosideros polymorpha), are the canopy dominants at alternate extremes of a successional gradient formed by the recurring disturbance of lava flows on east(More)
We use molecular dynamics (MD) with an embedded atom model potential parameterized for NiAl to study martensitic phase transformations in a disordered shape memory alloy. We focus on the role of intrinsic atomic-level variability and mechanical constraints on the martensite and austenite transformation temperatures and on the martensite microstructure for(More)
Morrison, Keith R. M.S.M.S.E., Purdue University, August 2014. Nickel Aluminum Shape Memory Alloys via Molecular Dynamics. Major Professor: Alejandro Strachan. Shape memory materials are an important class of active materials with a wide range of applications in the aerospace, biomedical, and automobile industries. These materials exhibit the two unique(More)
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