Keith Reemtsma

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SUMMARY We studied the ultrastructure and electrophysiology of an anterior mitral valve leaflet obtained from the heart of a recipient of a cardiac transplant. The anterior leaflet of this human mitral valve contained atrial muscle in direct continuity with the left atrial myocardium. The muscle fibers were 3-6 , in diameter and contained atrial-specific(More)
Ultraviolet irradiation of rat dendritic cells completely abrogated their allostimulatory capacity in a mixed lymphocyte reaction. Rat islets of Langerhans similarly irradiated remained hormonally functional when transplanted into syngeneic diabetic rats. Allogeneic transplantation across a major histocompatibility barrier of islets initially treated in(More)
Survival of allografts of islets of Langerhans in nonimmunosuppressed adult rats was prolonged by transfusions of donor blood irradiated with ultraviolet light before transplantation across a major histocompatibility barrier. This treatment is donor blood-specific and has produced greater than 160-day survival of transplanted islets without the(More)
The HLA and Bf genotypes were determined in 10 families with one or more children with JDM. A statistically significant association was found between HLA-D-identity and the chance to present JDM within a sibship. No such association was detectable with the SD antigens. A highly significant increase in the frequency of intra-HLA recombination was also found(More)
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