Keith R. Pierce

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Until recently, introductory programming classes in the Department of Computer Science, University of Minnesota, Duluth, concentrated on writing code. Not until the junior or senior year were students required to adhere to basic principles of software engineering. As might be expected, by their junior year students' bad habits, like coding while designing(More)
The author considers the problem of determining whether certain classes of lattice ordered groups (¿-groups) have the amalgamation property. It is shown that the classes of abelian totally ordered groups (ogroups) and abelian /-groups have the property, but that the class of ¿-groups does not. However, under certain cardinality restrictions one can find an(More)
Abst rac t . Designing high-quality software is difficult, and therefore instruction in design should hold prominence in educating future software engineers, just as in other engineering disciplines. Nearly all software engineers receive their education within programs in computer science, but these programs typically provide inadequate instruction in(More)
The contribution of genetic variation to urinary tract infection (UTI) risk in children with vesicoureteral reflux is largely unknown. The innate immune system, which includes antimicrobial peptides, such as the α-defensins, encoded by DEFA1A3, is important in preventing UTIs but has not been investigated in the vesicoureteral reflux population. We used(More)
The urinary tract is usually culture negative despite its close proximity to microbial flora. The precise mechanisms by which the kidneys and urinary tract defends against infection is not well understood. The initial kidney cells to encounter ascending pathogens are the collecting tubule cells which consist of principal cells (PCs) that express aquaporin 2(More)
Assurance of the quality or reliability of test results is the responsibility of the laboratory and the concern of the veterinarian who uses these results in the diagnosis or treatment of animal patients. Quality assurance can be produced only by implementation and continuing maintenance of a quality control program to monitor the daily performance of the(More)
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