Keith R. Hacke

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Many learning systems have been designed to construct classification trees from a set of training examples. One of the most widely used approaches for constructing decision trees is the ID3 algorithm [Quinlan 1986]. Decision trees are ill-suited to handle attributes with ordinal values. Problems arise when a node representing an ordinal attribute has a(More)
Several vaccines have been tested in the human whole blood pyrogen test as an alternative to the rabbit pyrogen test. As reported previously by our group, the alternative test system is basically applicable to vaccines. The widely used conservative thiomersal is influencing the test system. Surprisingly, the induction of fever inducing cytokines by(More)
Rule-based diagnostic expert systems can be used to perform many of the diagnostic chores necessary in today's complex space systems. These expert systems typically take a set of symptoms as input and produce diagnostic advice as output. The primary objective of such expert systems is to provide accurate and comprehensive advice which can be used to help(More)
One difficulty in applying artificial intelligence techniques to the solution of "real world" problems is that the development and maintenance of many AI systems, such as those used in diagnostics, require large amounts of human resources. At the same time, databases frequently exist which contain information about the process(es) of interest. Recently,(More)
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