Keith Playford

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Object-oriented languages with multiple inheritance and automatic conflict resolution typically use a linearization of superclasses to determine which version of a property to inherit when several superclasses provide definitions. Recent work has defined several desirable characteristics for linearizations, the most important being monotonicity, which(More)
The challenge for the metaobject protocol designer is to balance the con-icting demands of eeciency, simplicity, and extensibility. It is impossible to know all desired extensions in advance; some of them will require greater functionality, while others require greater eeciency. In addition, the protocol itself must be suuciently simple that it can be fully(More)
The ability to extend a language with new syntactic forms is a powerful tool. A sufficiently flexible macro system allows programmers to build from a common base towards a language designed specifically for their problem domain. However, macro facilities that are integrated, capable, and at the same time simple enough to be widely used have been limited to(More)
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