Keith Negus

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In this essay, we offer a critique of a trajectory of thinking about the relationship between music and identity and argue for the adoption of approaches that are able to embrace more nuanced and less reductionist notions of how music may connect with, become part of, or be totally irrelevant to our sense of self and collectivity. We initially focus on(More)
This article raises some critical questions about cultural intermediaries as both a descriptive label and analytic concept. In doing so, it has two main aims. First, it seeks to provide some clarification, critique and suggestions that will assist in the elaboration of this idea and offer possible lines of enquiry for further research. Second, it is argued(More)
A novel MMIC bias network topology utilizing FETs has been developed. The bias network is very compact, providing low DC path loss with high, broad band RF isolation. This bias network consists of two FETs and a capacitor, and is implemented with pseudomorphic HEMT. The bias network is useful in multi-stage amplifiers where stage-to-stage RF isolation is(More)
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