Keith Morris

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This paper presents a combined DWT and LSB based bio-metric watermarking algorithm that securely embeds a face template in a fingerprint image. The proposed algorithm is robust to geometric and frequency attacks and protects the integrity of both the face template and the fingerprint image. Experimental results performed on a database of 750 face and 750(More)
Manipulation of angiogenesis may have a profound effect on female reproductive function, but this has not yet been demonstrated by direct experiment in species with ovulatory cycles similar to those in women. To investigate whether angiogenesis could be inhibited in the primate corpus luteum, and the consequences of such inhibition on luteal function,(More)
In a previous study pituitary-testicular function was shown to be maintained in a New World primate after the administration of an LHRH agonist implant. In the present study the mechanism of action of the same LHRH agonist (buserelin) on pituitary-gonadal function in the marmoset was investigated and a comparison made between the effects of treatment in(More)
BACKGROUND Fetal exposure of male rats to some phthalates induces reproductive abnormalities, raising concerns for similar effects in humans. In order to address this in a more appropriate animal model, the aim of the present studies was to investigate the effect of fetal/neonatal exposure to monobutyl phthalate (MBP) in a non-human primate, the marmoset.(More)
Nine ultrasound transducers from six ultrasound scanners were assessed for their utility for preclinical ultrasound imaging. The transducers were: L8-16, L10-22 (Diasus; Dynamic Imaging Ltd., Livingston, UK); L17-5, L15-7io (iU22; Philips, Seattle, WA, USA), HFL38/13-6 (MicroMaxx; Sonosite Inc., Bothell, WA, USA); il3Lv (Vivid 5; GE, Fairfield, CT, USA),(More)
Using specific inhibitors established that angiogenesis in the ovarian follicle and corpus luteum is driven by vascular endothelial growth factor. Recently, it has been demonstrated that the Notch ligand, delta-like ligand 4 (Dll4) negatively regulates vascular endothelial growth factor-mediated vessel sprouting and branching. To investigate the role of(More)
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