Keith Miyake

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The purpose of this study is to test the hypothesis that access to parks in New York City is not equitable across racial and ethnic categories. It builds on previous research that has linked access to parks and open space with increased physical activity, which in turn may reduce the risk for adverse health outcomes related to obesity. Systematic patterns(More)
The Search Space Toolkit (SST) is a suite of tools for investigating the properties of the continuous search spaces which arise in designing complex engineering artifacts whose evaluation requires signiicant computation by a numerical simulator. SST has been developed as part of NDA, a computational environment for (semi-)automated design of jet engine(More)
Gradient-based numerical optimization of complex engineering designs ooers the promise of rapidly producing better designs. However, such methods generally assume that the objective function and constraint functions are continuous, smooth, and de-ned everywhere. Unfortunately, realistic simulators tend to violate these assumptions. We present a(More)
Eective use of a processor requires the delivery of instructions and data at a suciently high rate to prevent stalls. Consequently, memories must be both large and fast. Current technology trends show that within the next few years the processor/memory interface will become a serious bottleneck that severely limits system performance. Though DRAM speed will(More)
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