Keith Michael Franklin

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Different acoustic variables such as pitch, volume, timbre and position can be used to represent quantitative, qualitative and categorical aspects of the information. Such sonifications are particularly useful for those with visual impairments; they are also beneficial in circumstances where visual representations would be impossible to use or to enrich a(More)
This thesis addresses the topic of secure distributed computation, a general and powerful tool for balancing cooperation and mistrust among independent agents. We study many related models, which diier as to the allowable communication among agents, the ways in which agents may misbehave , and the complexity (cryptographic) assumptions that are made. We(More)
Haptic devices can be used to visualize information. As well as representing tangible surfaces and forces to enhance virtual training simulators for instance, haptic devices have been used to realize tactile versions of diagrams and visualizations (such as line graphs and bar charts). Such depictions enable blind or partial sighted users to perceive and(More)
This research examines adults', and for the first time, children's and adolescents' reaction to being ostracized and included, using an on-line game, 'Cyberball' with same and opposite sex players. Ostracism strongly threatened four primary needs (esteem, belonging, meaning, and control) and lowered mood among 8- to 9-year-olds, 13- to 14-year-olds, and(More)
This paper describes ongoing research investigating how visualizations, especially line-graphs and charts, may be represented by haptics both to understand the structure and the values associated with the graphical realization. Much of the current research has focused mainly on the structure of the line-graph; some more recent work has used sound to depict(More)
Recently researchers have been interested in non-visual forms of presentation. Sound, touch, smell, as well as vision can be used to depict information. One important medium is sound; it can encode information for the blind or partial sighted, used to display information when it is impossible to use a screen, and the hardware is cheap and widely available.(More)
Two studies were conducted to examine the long-term impact of parental divorce on beliefs about the self and others. In Study 1, college-aged children of divorce and students from intact families did not differ on 8 basic assumptions or on measures of depression. Those whose parents are divorced, however, were less optimistic about the success of their own(More)
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