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Social Movement Literature and U.S. Labour: A Reassessment
Largely due to its conservative profile at the time, the U.S. labour movement was largely absent from modern social movement literature as it developed in response to the new social movements of theExpand
Cet article vise aÁ eÂlucider les trajectoires et les identiteÂs politiques diffeÂrentes de deux groupes de travailleurs industriels dans la ville de Lyon, en France, pendant les anneÂes quiExpand
A Revival of Labor and Social Protest Research in France: Recent Scholarship on May 1968
  • Keith Mann
  • History
  • International Labor and Working-Class History
  • 1 September 2011
May 1968 in France was one of those events that became instantly a distinct historical moment. Nearly contemporaneously with the events themselves, “May '68” became an object of conscious—andExpand
Whither the skilled worker?
Have technology and employer-inspired changes at the point of production rendered obsolete the skills of skilled workers? A resounding yes to this question was provided by Harry Braverman in 1974 inExpand
Political Identity and Worker Politics: Silk and Metalworkers in Lyon, France 1900–1914
  • Keith Mann
  • Political Science
  • International Review of Social History
  • 5 November 2002
This paper aims to explain the different political trajectories and identities of two sets of industrial workers in the city of Lyon, France during the years immediately preceding the first WorldExpand
Resistance to Neo-Liberalism: France, Greece, Spain, and the US
AbstractThe mass mobilizations against neo-liberal austerity drives that took place in Greece, France, Spain, and Madison, Wisconsin from 2010 into the summer of 2011 reflect deeply global forces andExpand
Political Identity in Transition: Metalworkers in Lyon during the French Popular Front, 1935–39
During the Popular Front of the mid 1930s, the longstanding political identities of French metalworkers were significantly transformed. For decades metalworker political identities had featuredExpand
Forging Political Identity: Silk and Metal Workers in Lyon, France 1900-1939
List of Tables Acknowledgements Abbreviations Chapter I. Introduction: French Labor History and Political Identity The Cultural Turn, Postmodernism, and the Linguistic Turn A gendered labor historyExpand