Keith M. Giles

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Reduced levels of specific microRNA in cancer are frequently reported and associated with attenuated cancer genes and associated pathways. We previously reported a loss of miR-124a in glioblastoma (GBM) patient specimens; however, the upstream causes of this loss are largely unknown. Loss of miR-124a has been attributed to hypermethylation while other(More)
The two major melanoma histologic subtypes, superficial spreading and nodular melanomas, differ in their speed of dermal invasion but converge biologically once they invade and metastasize. Herein, we tested the hypothesis that distinct molecular alterations arising in primary melanoma cells might persist as these tumors progress to invasion and metastasis.(More)
PURPOSE The application of pan-cancer next-generation sequencing panels in the clinical setting has facilitated the identification of low frequency somatic mutations and the testing of new therapies in solid tumors using the "basket trial" scheme. However, little consideration has been given to the relevance of nonsynonymous germline variants, which are(More)
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