Keith M. Christensen

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This paper presents new evacuation strategies for a heterogeneous population in high-rise building environments and compares them with traditional simultaneous evacuation strategy. To do so, we first define the maximum comfortable structural capacity of the building as the number of people that can be evacuated without heavy congestion, and estimate it(More)
INTRODUCTION Using data from the 2004 Texas Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, we investigated whether the physical activity behaviors of people with disabilities are related to their perceptions of the characteristics of the built environment and whether this relationship differs from that of people without disabilities. METHODS The research(More)
The authors provide a glimpse into the world of congenitally deaf-blind children and how the application of technology might enable them to lead more productive lives. They describe this population and then summarize the present status of efforts to educate and communicate with them. A review of technological devices presently usable and potentially usable(More)
BACKGROUND The general public has numerous misconceptions and a lack of awareness and understanding regarding some of the prevalence, characteristics, and treatments of autism. As a result, education and awareness activities to increase the general public's understanding and awareness of autism are important. This study was conducted throughout Utah to(More)
Emergency evacuation from airports is an important consideration given the continuing occurrence of both natural and human caused disasters. Unfortunately, the traditional evacuation-drill approach to prepare for emergency situations presents several practical challenges at the scale and magnitude required for airports. In this paper, we present an(More)