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We present a model of similarity-based retrieval which attempts to capture three psychological phenomena: (1) people are extremely good at judging similarity and analogy when given items to compare. (2) Super cial remindings are much more frequent than structural remindings. (3) People sometimes experience and use purely structural analogical remindings.(More)
Following the rationale of the KMV model, this study builds an empirical model to price corporate credit risk for listed corporations in Hong Kong. To mitigate the bias from accounting data, the model totally relies on market-based information, such as equity value, stock market index, implied volatility of market index, riskfree rate and maturity. This(More)
We present a model of similarity-based retrieval that attempts to capture three seemingly contradictory psychological phenomena: (a) structural commonalities are weighed more heavily than surface commonalities in similarity judgments for items in working memory: (b) in retrieval, superficial similarity is more important than structural sirnjlarj~: ond yet(More)
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