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From the leaves of Agave lecheguilla Torrey, two steroidal sapogenin diols have been isolated. Mass spectral, infra-red and nuclear magnetic resonance data of these two compounds showed them to be (25R)-spirost-5-ene-2 alpha, 3 beta-diol (yuccagenin) and (25R)-5 beta-spirostane-3 beta, 6 alpha-diol. The latter is a new compound to which the trivial name(More)
The Supply Chain Integrated Ordering Network (SCION) Depot Bookings system automates the planning and scheduling of perishable and non-perishable commodities and the vehicles that carry them into J. Sainsbury depots. This is a strategic initiative, enabling the business to make the key move from weekly to daily ordering. The system is mission critical,(More)
A study of the degree of water elimination from ions derived from spirostan-3-ols by electron bombardment has shown that the loss is greatest from those ions produced by the 5 beta-spirostan-3 alpha-ols, less from the 5 beta-spirostan-3 beta-ols and the 5 alpha-spirostan-3 alpha-ols, which give losses of the same order of magnitude; and least from the 5(More)