Keith Jackson

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BACKGROUND Instrumented treadmills offer a number of advantages for the biomechanical analysis of elderly gait, yet it is unclear how closely treadmill gait approximates overground gait. Although studies have indicated that the kinematics and kinetics of overground and treadmill gait are very similar in young adults, it still needs to be determined whether(More)
Chronic ANG II infusions lead to increases in intrarenal ANG II levels, hypertension, and tissue injury. Increased blood pressure also elicits increases in renal interstitial fluid (RIF) ATP concentrations that stimulate cell proliferation. We evaluated the contribution of purinergic receptor activation to ANG II-induced renal injury in rats by treating(More)
Developers and users of high-performance distributed systems often observe performance problems such as unexpectedly low throughput or high latency. Determining the source of the performance problems requires detailed end-to-end instrumentation of all components, including the applications, operating systems, hosts, and networks. However, one must be very(More)
BACKGROUND Existing initiatives to support patient self-management of heart disease do not appear to be reaching patients most in need. Providing self-management programs over the Internet (web-based interventions) might help reduce health disparities by reaching a greater number of patients. However, it is unclear whether they can achieve this goal and(More)
We have implemented and deployed an access control mechanism that uses digitally-signed certificates to define and enforce an access policy for a set of distributed resources that have multiple, independent and geographically dispersed stakeholders. The stakeholders assert their access requirements in use-condition certificates and designate those trusted(More)
1. Overview This short report on dynamic resource provisioning is in part the result of the CEDPS meeting on October 24 th-25 th by the Scalable Services breakout session where the following people were present: (if I missed anyone, please feel free to add them). After discussing three different systems (AstroPortal [1], GridFTP [2], and Condor Brick [3])(More)
Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) has shown promise in detecting ischemic changes in acute compartment syndrome. The objectives of this study were to 1) assess the correlation in NIRS values between upper and lower extremity control sites for bilateral lower extremity trauma and 2) investigate the effect of skin pigmentation on NIRS values. Forty-four(More)
Background Charcot arthropathy is a cascade of destructive changes that can effect joints of both the axial and appendicular skeleton. The pathogenesis of this condition centers around the accumulation of minor traumatic events after the loss of normal joint sensation. The most frequently cited cause of Charcot arthropathy of the upper extremity is(More)