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Forest Service conduct an analysis of existing urban forest data for the City of New York. The analysis also considered issues associated with the possibility of achieving a goal of 30% Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) cover by 2030: " 30 by 30. " This goal is based upon Lulely and Bond's (2002) analysis and recommendation that New York City increase UTC by 10% (a(More)
The recent global threat of a severe pandemic influenza outbreak has suggested that extracorporeal life support will begin to play an evolving role in the care of critically ill influenza stricken patients. The highly communicable attributes of influenza could result in widespread infection and an associated increased need for advanced life support. Supply(More)
(TRC) and the Department of Transportation for funding. We thank Dr. Richard Watts of the TRC for assistance in various aspects of this project. We would also like to thank EVermont for providing the vehicle for this study and Mr. Stephen Miracle and Mr. Phil Girton for supporting the project throughout. The contents of this report reflect the views of the(More)
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