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MPEG-21 is an open standards-based framework for multimedia delivery and consumption. It aims to enable the use of multimedia resources across a wide range of networks and devices. We discuss MPEG-21's parts, achievements, ongoing activities, and opportunities for new technologies. MPEG-21 is an open standards-based framework for multimedia delivery and(More)
PURPOSE To investigate whether synchronising over-ground walking to rhythmic auditory cues improves temporal and spatial gait measures in adults with neurological clinical conditions other than Parkinson's disease. METHOD A search was performed in June 2011 using the computerised databases AGELINE, AMED, AMI, CINAHL, Current Contents, EMBASE, MEDLINE,(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effectiveness of a multifaceted podiatry intervention in preventing falls in community dwelling older people with disabling foot pain. DESIGN Parallel group randomised controlled trial. SETTING University health sciences clinic in Melbourne, Australia. PARTICIPANTS 305 community dwelling men and women (mean age 74 (SD 6)(More)
Rhythmic auditory cues including music and metronome beats have been used, sometimes interchangeably, to improve disordered gait arising from a range of clinical conditions. There has been limited investigation into whether there are optimal cue types. Different cue types have produced inconsistent effects across groups which differed in both age and(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is a disabling, prevalent condition. Physical activity programs may assist depression management in older people, ameliorate co-morbid conditions and reduce the need for antidepressants. The UPLIFT pilot study assessed the feasibility of older depressed people attending a community-based progressive resistance training (PRT) program.(More)
BACKGROUND In line with a rapidly ageing global population, the rise in the frequency of falls will lead to increased healthcare and social care costs. This study will be one of the few randomized controlled trials evaluating a multifaceted falls intervention in a low-middle income, culturally-diverse older Asian community. The primary objective of our(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Traditional vestibular function testing has measured horizontal semicircular canal function only. Otolith function tests have recently been developed, but their clinical significance has not been determined. The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of otolith dysfunction on the clinical presentation of individuals(More)
OBJECTIVES The primary aim of this study was to identify whether performing a balance task on a force platform while performing a cognitive task (backwards counting by three) could discriminate between healthy older people and older people at mildly increased risk of falling better than performing the balance task alone. Additional aims were to identify the(More)
Gait variability in younger and older adult women is altered by overground walking protocol SIR—Measures of gait variability are now commonly used to study age-related gait changes [1–7]. Some studies have shown that older adult fallers, and those identified with an increased falls risk, exhibit greater variability in basic spa-tiotemporal measures of gait(More)