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MPEG-21 is an open standards-based framework for multimedia delivery and consumption. It aims to enable the use of multimedia resources across a wide range of networks and devices. We discuss MPEG-21's parts, achievements, ongoing activities, and opportunities for new technologies. Publication Details This article was originally published as: Burnett, I,(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a study conducted to compare the predictive accuracy for fallers of The Northern Hospital Modified St Thomas's Risk Assessment Tool and St Thomas's Risk Assessment Tool, and to determine the inter-rater agreement of each tool. BACKGROUND Falls risk assessment is a key component of fall prevention. Investigation of clinimetric(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare three different methods of falls reporting and examine the characteristics of the data missing from the hospital incident reporting system. DESIGN Fourteen-month prospective observational study nested within a randomized controlled trial. SETTING Rehabilitation, stroke, medical, surgical, and orthopedic wards in Perth and Brisbane,(More)
This paper reports the in-patient rehabilitation admission and discharge scores on a comprehensive series of balance and mobility measures for 109 stroke patients (49.5 per cent female) with a mean (SD) age of 72.9 (10.4). The results reflect good outcomes regarding discharge destination (77 per cent discharged to own or families' home), and all balance and(More)
AIM The aim of this research was to produce evidence-based recommendations on physical activity designed to improve and maintain the health of older Australians. METHODS The authors reviewed existing guidelines and consensus statements, systematic reviews, meta-analyses and research articles. Draft recommendations were circulated to stakeholder agencies(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Falls are common after stroke. Despite evidence that single and multifactorial interventions can reduce falls in older people, this issue remains relatively underexplored in stroke survivors. Effective fall prevention in this population has the potential to prevent injury, improve quality of life, and decrease the likelihood of(More)
This research explored the balance benefits to untrained older adults of participating in community-based resistance and flexibility programs. In a blinded randomized crossover trial, 32 older adults (M = 66.9 yr) participated in a resistance-exercise program and a flexibility-exercise program for 16 weeks each. Sway velocity and mediolateral sway range(More)
INTRODUCTION Fall risk screening tools are frequently used as a part of falls prevention programs in hospitals. Design-related bias in evaluations of tool predictive accuracy could lead to overoptimistic results, which would then contribute to program failure in practice. METHODS A systematic review was undertaken. Two blind reviewers assessed the(More)
Rhythmic auditory cues including music and metronome beats have been used, sometimes interchangeably, to improve disordered gait arising from a range of clinical conditions. There has been limited investigation into whether there are optimal cue types. Different cue types have produced inconsistent effects across groups which differed in both age and(More)
AIM To report the reliability, accuracy and compliance of a brief fall risk screening tool in subacute and residential aged care. METHOD A 9-item tool, developed by expert and literature review, was administered to 291 persons admitted to subacute and residential aged care at Peninsula Health (PH) Victoria, Australia. Items were analysed for their ability(More)