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The leading cause of oral pain and tooth loss is from caries and their treatment include restoration using amalgam, resin, porcelain and gold, endodontic therapy and extraction. Resin composite restorations have grown popular over the last half a century because it can take shades more similar to enamel. Here, we discuss the history and use of resin,(More)
A form of large-amplitude elongated-body theory appropriate for the analysis of undulatory fins attached to a rigid body of elliptical section suggests a benefit due to momentum enhancement relative to the fins on their own. This theoretical prediction is experimentally confirmed for the first time. Theoretical momentum enhancement factors for Diodon(More)
Recent developments in the design and propulsion of biomimetic autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) have focused on boxfish as models (e.g. Deng and Avadhanula 2005 Biomimetic micro underwater vehicle with oscillating fin propulsion: system design and force measurement Proc. 2005 IEEE Int. Conf. Robot. Auto. (Barcelona, Spain) pp 3312-7). Whilst such(More)
Four goldfish Carassius auratus morphotypes of similar length (50 mm): common (streamlined, full complement of paired and median fins, bifurcated caudal fin), comet ('common like' but with a long, deeply forked caudal fin), fantail (short, deep body with twinned caudal and anal fins) and eggfish (similar to the fantail but lacking a dorsal fin) were(More)
Synodontis nigriventris is a surface-feeding facultative air-breather that swims inverted with its zoological ventral side towards the water surface. Their near-surface drag is about double the deeply submerged drag (due to wave drag) and roughly twice the sum of frictional and pressure drags. For streamlined technical bodies, values of wave drag(More)
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