Keith Gregorczyk

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Systems allowing label-free molecular detection are expected to have enormous impact on biochemical sciences. Research focuses on materials and technologies based on exploiting localized surface plasmon resonances in metallic nanostructures. The reason for this focused attention is their suitability for single-molecule sensing, arising from intrinsically(More)
Auf Grund der klinisehen und serologischen Sanierung, wobei die Therapieerfolge der beiden Met~hoden zu den g]eiehen positiven' Ergebnissen geffihr~ haben, schliel~en sieh die Autoren der ~e inung an, daI3 die ausschlieBliche Penieillintherapie der Lues eine genfigende Erfolgsquote bietet. Literatur BARJAKT~OW~, N., et R. D~wJA~OV[~: Ann. Derm. Syph.(More)
The male rats of Wistar strain were exposed to the vapours of arabic petroleum Abu-Dhaki Zakun at concentration 1500 mg/m(3) during 16 weeks, 6 times weekly per 90 minutes daily. The ECG examinations revealed progressive bradycardia, increase of the percentage of conduction disturbances appearing as the bundle-right branch block, changes of the shape of P(More)