Keith G. Petrillo

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A fully coherent optical code-division multiple access (OCDMA) scheme that combines spectral phase encoding (SPE) and spectral line pairing to generate signals through heterodyne decoding is proposed. A simple balanced receiver performs sourceless heterodyne detection, canceling speckle noise and multiple-access interference (MAI). A 16 user 100% load(More)
Utilizing a 6-mm-long hydrogenated amorphous silicon nanowaveguide, we demonstrate error-free (BER &lt;; 10<sup>-9</sup>) 160-to-10 Gb/s OTDM demultiplexing using ultralow switching peak powers of 50 mW. This material is deposited at low temperatures enabling a path toward multilayer integration and therefore massive scaling of the number of devices in a(More)
We experimentally demonstrate and analyze through simulation an OTDM&#x2192;WDM serial to parallel converter that fully extracts all 1610-Gb/s WDM channels from a 160-Gb/s OTDM data stream in a single device using an optical Fourier processor. The device operates by dispersing a pump pulse across all OTDM channels and using the nonlinear optical process of(More)
We have developed and tested a compact free-hand microsurgical tool-concept based on CP-OCT distance-sensor and 1-D actuation, which is capable of tracking the surface of surgical target tissue and compensating tool-tissue relative-motion with micrometer resolution.
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