Keith E. Biggers

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— We present a vertex clustering algorithm for the purposes of surface determination and normal estimation that can help provide detailed visualizations of complex point cloud datasets. The proposed method combines a novel bucket and layer spatial partitioning scheme, along with an iterative process for surface subdivision based on the optimization of(More)
Reducing the burden of emerging and endemic infectious diseases on commercial livestock production systems will require the development of innovative technology platforms that enable information from diverse animal health resources to be collected, analyzed, and communicated in near real-time. In this paper, we review recent initiatives to leverage data(More)
Debugging is hard. Each program bug brings its own particular problems, but there are usually three basic steps that a programmer must perform. These common steps are: (1) understanding something about the failure and the program being debugged, (2) finding the error in the program, and (3) correcting the error. Tools to assist in this process vary from(More)
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