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Modeling the effects of stress birefringence is critical for polarization sensitive optical systems. Optical design and optomechanical software tools to model stress birefringence are discussed and illustrated for three examples. The first example compares retardance in calcium fluoride lenses as a function of shape. The second example discusses the(More)
Citation Doyle, Keith B. " Antenna performance predictions of a radio telescope subject to thermal perturbations. " Optical Modeling and Performance Predictions IV. Article is made available in accordance with the publisher's policy and may be subject to US copyright law. Please refer to the publisher's site for terms of use. The MIT Faculty has made this(More)
Applied and partnered research at Emily Carr University takes place within four active research centres: <b>Social and Interactive Media Centre (SIM):</b> Focused on interaction and communication design, and entrepreneurship. <b>Health Design Lab (HDL):</b> Applies solution-focused, human-centred research methodologies to complex problems in health care.(More)
In this paper we discuss the low-volume production of an interaction design research product known as the tilting bowl. The form of the tilting bowl was designed with 3D modeling tools and utilized digital fabrication for rapid prototyping. The final form was produced in a small number of glazed ceramic forms with embedded electronics and actuators. We(More)
Brittle materials such as glass do not possess a single characteristic strength. The strength of the material is dependent on the distribution of cracks or surface flaws. These factors, coupled with the inherent brittleness (cause of catastrophic or rapid failure) mean that extremely conservative design approaches are typically used for optical elements(More)
George is angry at his nurse, he was yelling and following her down the hall in his power wheelchair. The nurse turned around and turned off the power to his wheelchair, stranding him in the hallway and walked away. How could this situation be better managed? Would this classify as a restraint? Restraints are often applied to clients in mobility devices,(More)
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