Keith D. Ward

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The delivery of environmental flows for biodiversity benefits within regulated river systems can potentially contribute to exotic weed spread. This study explores whether exotic plants of a floodplain forest in Victoria, Australia, are characterised by specific functional groups and associated plant traits linked to altering hydrological conditions over(More)
This paper mainly concentrates on the detection of target by modeling sea clutter. This is achieved by detecting the targets from the synthesized samples of the compressed noisy echo signal by fixing the threshold using improved correlation technique. These detected targets may include clutter also. To detect and isolate the sea clutters, two steps are(More)
Whilst a formal statistical analysis of any experimental data is always preferable in principle, in the case of Pilling et al. (PLoS ONE 8:e77193, 2013), it is hard to see how the results of any formal analysis-including those provided by Schick et al.-could be considered reliable. Regardless of the issue of statistical analysis, there was a wealth of(More)
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