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BACKGROUND Activation of central noradrenergic pathways by atypical antipsychotics has been hypothesized to play a role in their efficacy in treating the negative symptoms and cognitive impairment of schizophrenia. Because acute administration of the atypical antipsychotic olanzapine has been shown to increase extracellular levels of norepinephrine in the(More)
BACKGROUND As many as 30% of individuals diagnosed with depression are nonresponsive to traditional antidepressant medication. Augmentation and combination strategies have emerged in an attempt to address this issue. Atypical antipsychotics (e.g., olanzapine), when added to a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (e.g., fluoxetine) have shown great promise(More)
PC12 cells, which differentiate morphologically and biochemically into sympathetic neruonlike cells in response to nerve growth fact, also respond to epidermal growth factor. The response to epidermal growth factor is similar in certain respects to the response to nerve growth fact. Both peptides produce rapid increases in cellular adhesion and(More)
Structural and physiologic MRI were performed after subacute onset of left hemiparesis in a patient with MS. MRI showed a large ring-enhancing lesion with surrounding edema and mass effect; differential diagnosis included a neoplasm or a large MS plaque. Physiologic MRI showed reduced blood flow and magnetization transfer, as well as increased diffusion, in(More)
Enhancement of AMPA receptor mediated synaptic excitation has the potential to aid in the treatment of several psychiatric conditions. To test such claims there is a need to develop more potent compounds than those presently available and to demonstrate that they cross the blood-brain barrier to affect responses at central AMPA receptors. We have now(More)
The theory of non-ideal gases at thermodynamic equilibrium, for instance the van der Waals gas model, has played a central role in our understanding of coexisting phases, as well as the transitions between them. In contrast, the theory fails with granular matter because collisions between the grains dissipate energy, and their macroscopic size renders(More)
Analysis of naturalistic chewing patterns may provide insight into mapping the neural substrates of jaw movement control systems, including their adaptive modification during the classically conditioned jaw movement (CJM) paradigm. Here, New Zealand White rabbits were administered food and water stimuli orally to evaluate the influence of stimulus(More)
Cytoplasmic estrogen receptor can exist either free (R) or bound to estradiol-17beta (RE). Both forms can be precipitated from cytosols by protamine sulfate. After protamine precipitation R binds 3-H-estradiol-17beta quantitatively at either 0 degrees or 30 degrees, while precipitated RE binds 3-H-estradiol-17beta only at 30 degrees by exchanging with(More)