Keith D. Cooper

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We describe two improvements to Chaitin-style graph coloring register allocators. The first, <italic>optimistic coloring</italic>, uses a stronger heuristic to find a <italic>k</italic>-coloring for the interference graph. The second extends Chaitin's treatment of <italic>rematerialization</italic> to handle a larger class of values. These techniques are(More)
Advances in networking technologies will soon make it possible to use the global information infrastructure in a qualitatively different way—as a computational as well as an information resource. As described in the recent book “The Grid: Blueprint for a New Computing Infrastructure,” this “Grid” will connect the nation’s computers, databases, instruments,(More)
Code space is a critical issue facing designers of software for embedded systems. Many traditional compiler optimizations are designed to reduce the execution time of compiled code, but not necessarily the size of the compiled code. Further, different results can be achieved by running some optimizations more than once and changing the order in which(More)
Most modern compilers operate by applying a fixed, program-independent sequence of optimizations to all programs. Compiler writers choose a single "compilation sequence", or perhaps a couple of compilation sequences. In choosing a sequence, they may consider performance of benchmarks or other important codes. These sequences are intended as general-purpose(More)
The goal of the Grid Application Development Software (GrADS) Project is to provide programming tools and an execution environment to ease program development for the Grid. This paper presents recent extensions to the GrADS software framework: a new approach to scheduling workflow computations, applied to a 3-D image reconstruction application; a simple(More)
preston briggs, keith d. cooper, timothy j. harvey and l. taylor simpson Tera Computer Company, 2815 Eastlake Ave. East, Seattle, WA 98102, USA (email: Department of Computer Science, Rice University, 6100 S. Main MS 132, Houston, TX 77005, USA (email: keith, Trilogy Development Group, 6034 W. Courtyard Dr., Austin, TX 78730,(More)