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A molecular understanding of porcine reproduction is of biological interest and economic importance. Our Midwest Consortium has produced cDNA libraries containing the majority of genes expressed in major female reproductive tissues, and we have deposited into public databases 21,499 expressed sequence tag (EST) gene sequences from the 3' end of clones from(More)
BACKGROUND Biologists are becoming increasingly aware that the interaction of animals, including humans, with their coevolved bacterial partners is essential for health. This growing awareness has been a driving force for the development of models for the study of beneficial animal-bacterial interactions. In the squid-vibrio model, symbiotic Vibrio fischeri(More)
The rat is an important animal model for human diseases and is widely used in physiology. In this article we present a new strategy for gene discovery based on the production of ESTs from serially subtracted and normalized cDNA libraries, and we describe its application for the development of a comprehensive nonredundant collection of rat ESTs. Our new(More)
As part of the trans-National Institutes of Health (NIH) Mouse Brain Molecular Anatomy Project (BMAP), and in close coordination with the NIH Mammalian Gene Collection Program (MGC), we initiated a large-scale project to clone, identify, and sequence the complete open reading frame (ORF) of transcripts expressed in the developing mouse nervous system. Here(More)
This paper describes a newly created text corpus of news articles that has been annotated for cross-document co-reference. Being able to robustly resolve references to entities across document boundaries will provide a useful capability for a variety of tasks, ranging from practical information retrieval applications to challenging research in information(More)
A tutorial paper presented to the IEEE Industry Applications Society, as a complement to a parallel paper presented to the IEEE Power Engineering Society in 1976 (see the file " TCL Proposal ") and to the international EMC community (see the file " TCL philosophy "). Includes a detailed description of the " Ring W ave " and possible generator circuits to(More)
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