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Cytosine arabinoside (ara-C) and uracil arabinoside (ara-U) levels were measured in the plasma, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), and urine of 10 patients exhibiting primary central nervous system lymphoma who received 31 infusions of high-dose ara-C (3 g/m2) as part of their treatment regimen. Peak plasma and CSF ara-C levels were 10.8 and 1.5 μg/ml,(More)
Purpose. The purpose of this study was to use a replicate designed trial to assess the overall, intra- and inter-subject variabilities in pharmacokinetic parameters of CGP 33101 after oral administration of tablets relative to that of powder suspended in water, and to determine the relative proportion of the intra-subject variance to the overall(More)
OBJECTIVE A paradoxical association between long-term alendronate therapy and low-energy subtrochanteric femoral fractures has been recently recognized. A retrospective review of 34 such femoral fractures was performed. CONCLUSION Subtrochanteric femoral fractures associated with long-term alendronate therapy present with minimal trauma, may be chronic,(More)
The pig has been suggested as an animal model in biomedical research because of its physiological similarity to man. Therefore, the pharmacokinetics and metabolism of diclofenac sodium (Voltaren) were studied in four Yucatan minipigs after intravenous administration of 25 and 50 mg and oral administration of 50 mg in a solution of 50 mL buffer, 50 mL water,(More)
A radiotelemetric technique with the Heidelberg capsule (HC) was used to improve the quality of data generated in a bioavailability study involving an enteric-coated (EC) formulation. Further, changes in plasma levels of the drug from other dosage forms were related to changes in the pH environment as determined by the HC. Eight healthy male subjects(More)
Although it is generally recognized that estimates of the area under the drug concentration vs. time curve (AUC)after a dose is rather insensitive to curve-fitting procedures, little is known about estimates of mean residence time (MRT)or volume of distribution at steady-state (Vss),both of which can be derived from area estimates. This question is of(More)
The objectives of the present study were to evaluate gastric and small bowel transit times of an indigestible solid matrix and to characterize the specific changes in intraluminal pH as a function of transit time through the gastrointestinal tract. Particular attention was paid to the lag time at the ileocecal junction. A Heidelberg capsule (HC), labeled(More)
The buccal delivery of the nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug, diclofenac sodium (Voltaren), from a prototype hydrogel was studied in man in a randomized crossover design of buccal delivery and i.v. infusion. After a 30-min delay, plasma levels of diclofenac increased to near steady-state levels of 100 ng/ml by 3 hr. With each subject serving as his own(More)
Drug–drug interaction between a commercial diclofenac sodium enteric-coated tablet (Voltaren; V) and a ranitidine HCI tablet (Zantac; Z) was evaluated using a dual radiotelemetric technique according to a randomized three-way Latin-Square crossover design balanced for carryover effects. V and Z were given either alone or in combination (Treatment V, Z,(More)
The plasma concentration–time profiles and pharmacokinetics were characterized for nicotine and its major metabolite, cotinine, after multiple daily application of a nicotine user-activated transdermal therapeutic system (UATTS) to nine healthy smokers. The volunteers abstained from smoking 24 hr prior to and during the course of the study. A 10-cm2 system(More)