Keith Causey

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This study evaluates the effect of length of stay and baseline health status on health status and readmission rates 3 months after coronary artery bypass graft surgery. Baseline health status showed a trend toward worse scores for patients who were readmitted. Readmitted patients had longer lengths of stay, and worse 3-month health status scores, and women(More)
Heterochronic parabiosis rejuvenates the performance of old tissue stem cells at some expense to the young, but whether this is through shared circulation or shared organs is unclear. Here we show that heterochronic blood exchange between young and old mice without sharing other organs, affects tissues within a few days, and leads to different outcomes than(More)
A major type of unwanted cells that accumulate in aging are anergic cytotoxic T cells. These cells often have virus-specific T cell receptors, as well as other surface markers that distinguish them from their youthful counterparts, and they are thought to play a major role in the decline of the immune system with age. Here we consider two surface markers(More)
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