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Primary and Secondary Qualities
The philosophy of primary and secondary qualities is in a state of some confusion. There is no agreement as to the basis upon which the two classes of quality may be distinguished a host of features,Expand
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Ontology, Causality, and Mind
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Ontology, Causality and Mind: Essays in Honour of D M Armstrong
Preface Part I. Possibility and Identity: 1. Armstrong's new combinatorialist theory of modality William G. Lycan 2. Many, but almost one David Lewis Part II. The Theory of Universals: 3. Just likeExpand
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The Behaviorist Solution
In what is, broadly speaking, the materialist trend of thought in modern times, Behaviorists are the most radical. They deny that the mind is a thing at all, and so deny a fortiori that it is aExpand
Causation, Supervenience, and Method. Reflections on Jonathan Bennett's Events and Their Names
This vastly learned, instructive, and entertaining book is full of good things. Some are cameo gems, such as the plea to treat identity not relationally but through simple predication, and theExpand
Nt Lament in Current Research and Its Implications for American Evangelicals
Shortly after OT scholar Hermann Gunkel (re)identified the lament genre in 1933, NT researchers began exploring its influence on the NT. Explorations gradually increased, with significantExpand
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The notorious lady
At her birth, the subject of this biography entered aristocratic and wealthy English society with just her name, Miss Barbara Villiers, for others to address her by. By the time she was thirty, withExpand
Bibliography on worlds and modality
ion is usually regarded as a property of certain objects--sets, numbers, propositions, properties, etc. this paper proposes that it be viewed instead as a feature of the languages or conceptualExpand
A New Epiphenomenalism
In chapter 5 we argued that although mental states are indeed inner causes apt to produce behavior, this is not all they are. Mental states have also, among their mental properties, phenomenalExpand