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BACKGROUND Cardiac cells display rate-dependent beat-to-beat variations in action-potential duration (APD), action potential amplitude (APA), and excitability during periodic stimulation. We hypothesized that quinidine causes a marked increase in the variability of APD, APA, and excitability of ventricular cells isolated from quinidine-toxic, arrhythmic(More)
A 54-year-old woman presented with a huge palpable mass on left upper quadrant of the abdomen. After preoperative work-up, a cystic disease of pancreatic tail or accessory spleen was initially suspected. We performed exploratory laparotomy and resected both the spleen and a 15 x 11 cm-sized huge cystic mass containing a part of solid component which(More)
As much of the sterilization process involves heat treatment during the preparation of milk on an industrial scale, the unpredictable measures of the process are an essential issue in determining the quality of the milk. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the major protein change(s) of whey proteins in processed milk and extend the(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the structure of the porcine PPARGC1A 5′ upstream region, and to find suitable molecular markers for improved meat quality and good lean meat production. Ten DNA polymorphisms, including 7 SNPs, 2 microsatellites, and 1 insertion or deletion were newly found in the 5′ upstream region of PPARGC1A. Three SNPs that(More)
Monophasic action potentials, recorded with contact non-suction electrodes, have been used both clinically and experimentally. However, to date no systematic microelectrode validation studies have been done to underlying myocardial cell populations from different myocardial regions with different transmembrane potential profiles. In the present study(More)
Vitamin D deficient and phosphate deficient states were produced in young rats by the use of synthetic diets. Whole blood ATP, serum calcium and phosphorus and the ash, phospholipid, hexosamine and hydroxyproline contents of metaphyseal bones of control and rachitic rats were measured after 4 weeks on the diets. There was a decrease in whole blood ATP and(More)
Rats were injected with 17 beta-estradiol benzoate intramuscularly and the collagenolytic activity of the rat bones was assayed by measuring the degradation of purified reconstituted 3H-proline- and 3H-hydroxyproline-labeled collagen. A diminution of the collagenolytic activity which could be recovered from the culture medium of estrogen-treated rat bone(More)
Electrochemical sensors are being developed to aid in waste reduction efforts for plating operations and in environmental remediation. An important feature of these sensor systems are solid-state multielement microelectrode arrays. The individual elements of these arrays will be selected so that a variety of chemical species can be detected using a single(More)