Keith C. C. Chan

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Classification is an important topic in data mining research. Given a set of data records, each of which belongs to one of a number of predefined classes, the classification problem is concerned with the discovery of classification rules that can allow records with unknown class membership to be correctly classified. Many algorithms have been developed to(More)
This paper presents an attribute clustering method which is able to group genes based on their interdependence so as to mine meaningful patterns from the gene expression data. It can be used for gene grouping, selection, and classification. The partitioning of a relational table into attribute subgroups allows a small number of attributes within or across(More)
This paper reports experimental measurements of productivity and quality in pair programming. The work complements Laurie Williams’ work on collaborative programming, in which Pair Programming and Solo Programming student groups wrote the same programs and then their activities were measured to investigate productivity, quality, etc. In this paper, Pair and(More)
In this paper, we introduce a novel technique, called F-APACS, for mining fuzzy association rules. Existing algorithms involve discretizing the domains of quantitative attributes into intervals so as to discover quantitative association rules. These intervals may not be concise and meaningful enough for human experts to easily obtain nontrivial knowledge(More)
Multicast applications for large-scale mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) require an efficient and effective quality of service (QoS)-aware multicast model. The new requirements to guarantee QoS are high availability and good load balancing due to limited bandwidth and transmission power of mobile nodes (MNs). We propose a logical hypercube-based virtual(More)
Association rule mining is concerned with the discovery of interesting association relationships hidden in databases. Existing algorithms typically assume that data characteristics are stable over time. Their main focus is therefore to mine association rules in an efficient manner. However, the world constantly changes. This makes the characteristics of(More)
This paper describes how we applied a fuzzy technique to a data-mining task involving a large database that was provided by an international bank with offices in Hong Kong. The database contains the demographic data of over 320,000 customers and their banking transactions, which were collected over a six-month period. By mining the database, the bank would(More)
Agile Software Development methodologies have grown in popularity both among academic researchers and industrial practitioners. Among the various methodologies or practices proposed, pair programming, which is concerned with two programmers collaborating on design, coding and testing, has become a controversial focus of interest. Even though some success(More)