Keith Baldwin

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The aging process is associated with loss of muscle mass and strength and decline in physical functioning. The term sarcopenia is primarily defined as low level of muscle mass resulting from age-related muscle loss, but its definition is often broadened to include the underlying cellular processes involved in skeletal muscle loss as well as their clinical(More)
Next generation implantable medical devices will have the potential to provide more precise and effective therapies through adaptive closed-loop controllers that combine sensing and stimulation across larger numbers of electrode channels. A major challenge in the design of such devices is balancing increased functionality and channel counts with the(More)
BACKGROUND We previously demonstrated that abdominal gas insufflation (AGI) reduces intra-abdominal bleeding. To date, this is the only method that holds promise for reducing mortality from internal bleeding in a pre-hospital setting. We aimed to assess the optimal AGI pressure and the effectiveness of a portable miniaturized insufflator in abdominal(More)
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)/Harris Ka-Band Software Defined Radio (SDR) is the first, fully reprogrammable space-qualified SDR operating in the Ka-Band frequency range. Providing exceptionally higher data communication rates than previously possible, this SDR offers in-orbit reconfiguration, multiwaveform operation, and fast(More)
The design, development, and field-test results of a visible-band, folded, multiresolution, adaptive computational imaging system based on the Processing Arrays of Nyquist-limited Observations to Produce a Thin Electro-optic Sensor (PANOPTES) concept is presented. The architectural layout that enables this imager to be adaptive is described, and the control(More)
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