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Field Evaluation of As Removal by Conventional Plants
During a year-long study, weekly samplings and analyses were conducted at five US water treatment facilities - two coagulation-filtration plants, two iron-removal plants, and one lime-softeningExpand
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Field evaluation of As removal by IX and AA
A study was conducted at two ion-exchange (IX) and two activated alumina (AA) water treatment plants in New England to evaluate the performance of these full-scale systems for consistently removingExpand
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Integrated Environmental Forensics Approach for Evaluating the Extent of Dissolved Perchlorate Originating from Multiple Sources
Three environmental forensic methods were used as part of an integrated evaluation to determine the extent of dissolved perchlorate in groundwater originating from a former rocket propellant testingExpand
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Spacecraft Environmental Testing SMAP (Soil, Moisture, Active, Passive)
Wisconsin Senate Act (2015 Regular Session - SB 84)
Magic for All
Butterworths annual European review.