Keith A. Roscoe

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Keywords: Digital forensics Triage template pipelines Cost-effective prioritisation Investigative process Digital crimes a b s t r a c t This paper addresses the increasing resources overload being experienced by law enforcement digital forensics units with the proposal to introduce triage template pipelines into the investigative process, enabling devices(More)
Bose-Einstein Correlations (BEC) of three identical charged pions were studied in 4 × 10 6 hadronic Z 0 decays recorded with the OPAL detector at LEP. The genuine three-pion correlations, corrected for the Coulomb effect, were separated from the known two-pion correlations by a new subtraction procedure. A significant genuine three-pion BEC enhancement near(More)
The process e + e ? ! e + e ? Z== is studied with the OPAL detector at LEP at a centre of mass energy of p s = 189 GeV. The cross-section times the branching ratio of the Z== decaying into hadrons is measured within Lorentz invariant kinematic limits to be (1:2 0:30:1) pb for invariant masses of the hadronic system between 5 GeV and 60 GeV and (0:7 0:20:1)(More)
The production of charged hadrons and K 0 S mesons in the collisions of quasi-real photons has been measured using the OPAL detector at LEP. The data were taken at e + e − centre-of-mass energies of 161 and 172 GeV. The differential cross-sections as a function of the transverse momentum and the pseudorapidity of the charged hadrons and K 0 S mesons have(More)
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