Keith A Reeves

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OBJECTIVE We have studied the mechanisms underlying the positive inotropic action of prostaglandin F2 alpha (PGF2 alpha) by monitoring intracellular calcium transients, intracellular pH, L-type calcium currents and cell shortening in isolated ventricular myocytes. METHODS Rat myocytes were loaded with fura-2AM for intracellular calcium measurements, or(More)
Single enantiomer (SS) and (RR) 2-[(phenoxy)(phenyl)methyl]morpholine derivatives 5, 8-23 are inhibitors of monoamine reuptake. Target compounds were prepared using an enantioselective synthesis employing a highly specific enzyme-catalysed resolution of racemic n-butyl 4-benzylmorpholine-2-carboxylate (26) as the key step. Structure-activity relationships(More)
OBJECTIVES The use of synthetic mesh for transvaginal pelvic organ prolapse (POP) repair is associated with the rare complication of mesh erosion into hollow viscera. This study presents a single-institution series of complex rectovaginal fistulas (RVFs) after synthetic mesh-augmented POP repair, as well as strategies for identification and management. (More)
We examined the actions of the isopropyl ester of palmitoyl carnitine (P1Pi), a novel vasodilator compound, on coronary constriction mediated by the calcium channel activator BAY K 8644 and positive inotropic responses mediated by norepinephrine (NE) and low sodium perfusion in perfused rat hearts. Langendorff-perfused hearts were given bolus doses of BAY K(More)
Heteroarylalanine derivatives 4 were designed as potential inhibitors of neutral endopeptidase (NEP EC Selectivity over other zinc metalloproteinases was explored through occupation of the S2' subsite within NEP. Structural optimisation led to the identification of 5-phenyl oxazole 4f, a potent and selective NEP inhibitor. A crystal structure of(More)
In the presence of NaBH(OAc)(3), a 1,5-keto-aldehyde, contained within a side-chain of an eta(4)-dienetricarbonyliron complex, undergoes a double reductive amination sequence with a series of primary amines, to provide the corresponding piperidine products in good to excellent yield. The dienetricarbonyliron complex functions as a powerful chiral auxiliary(More)
The structure-activity relationships of some novel coronary dilator derivatives of palmitoyl carnitine in the rat isolated perfused heart are described. It has been shown previously that esterification of palmitoyl carnitine changes the activity of the compound from a coronary constrictor to a coronary dilator. In this study, it was found that the ester(More)
Primary amines react with keto-aldehyde functionality located in the side-chain of an eta4-dienetricarbonyliron complex to provide the corresponding pyrrolidines in excellent diastereoselectivity. Two of the pyrrolidine products, 1i and 1k, have been elaborated into pyrrolizidines using a 1,5-C-H insertion and radical cyclization strategy, respectively.
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